Another interesting finding of the present study is that ¾ of the

Another interesting finding of the present study is that ¾ of the authors (76.9%) published up to five papers, 1/6 (17.3%) 6 to 20 papers and 1/20 (5.76%) published 26 to 30 papers. The group of surgeons

that were SBAIT members in 2010 that published studies is small but considerable 16.3%. Seniority, measured in this study as years from graduation, correlated with scientific productivity: those with the highest number of publications were also the most seniors, especially those with more than 35 years since graduation. If 3 of the 8 investigators with more than 35 years since graduation were excluded from the analysis, the average number of publications would be much lower (7.2 for all publications and 1.4 for trauma) and the most productive group would consist of those between 16 and 20 years of graduation. Our study also shows the significant and positive Selleckchem GSK2126458 influence of post-doctoral training overseas on scientific publications. Of the 104 authors, only 10 had post doctoral training overseas but their a average number of publications was 4.4 times higher than the others. These results are in agreement with the work of other authors [24, 25]. Such training foster collaboration between institutions and investigators and reinforce the importance of promoting such training, promoting cooperation between

institutions, evolution of organizations, and development of scientific production [24, 25]. Conclusion The number of papers published in Brazilian Tipifarnib order journals by Brazilian surgeons in surgery and trauma has experienced a linear growth over the past 14 years. We were unable to identify any evidence that the end of residency in trauma surgery in Brazil negatively influenced the scientific production in this area. The main characteristics Selleckchem Ponatinib of the Brazilian surgeons that write papers in trauma can be described as someone that lives in the southeast of Brazil, most likely in the State of São Paulo and PKA activator graduated from medical school more than 16 years

ago. The observed growth in the number of publications parallels the economic growth of the country and the investments made by the Brazilian government in research and development over recent years. New possibilities of research in this area of knowledge can be offered, with options for expansion of partnership and international cooperation for the development of science. Our study suggests that the scientific growth in this specific area of surgery (trauma) is more likely the result of an overall growth in research and development and less due to specific growth in trauma as can be attested by the fact that the end of the residency program in trauma surgery in 2003 had no apparent effect in the number of publications in trauma. Acknowledgements This article has been published as part of World Journal of Emergency Surgery Volume 7 Supplement 1, 2012: Proceedings of the World Trauma Congress 2012.

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