Macrosporae but with low support (Supermatrix, 24 % MLBS) In an

Macrosporae but with low support (Supermatrix, 24 % MLBS). In an ITS analysis by Dentinger et al. (unpublished data), however, H. noninquinans (as H. konradii var. HM781-36B cell line antillana) is basal to subsect. Conica with low support as part of a paraphyletic grade corresponding to subsect. Macrosporae. Hygrocybe subpapillata is unplaced in our ITS analysis, but is basal to spp. in sect. Pseudofirmae and sect. Macrosporae in an ITS analysis by Dentinger et al. (unpublished data). Species included Type species: H. acutoconica. All of the varieties of H. acutoconica

are included. Hygrocybe persistens (Britzelm.) Singer is currently considered a synonym of H. acutoconica (Boertmann 2010; Cantrell and Lodge 2000), as is H. subglobispora P.D. Orton (Boertmann 2010). Hygrocybe spadicea P. Karst. is tentatively included based on high

support in our ITS analysis, though support for inclusion is weak or ambiguous in our other analyses and Dentinger et al.’ (unpublished) ITS analysis, and the fibrillose pileus surface which fits better in subsect. Hygrocybe. Hygrocybe noninquinans AICAR is included based on its similarities to H. acutoconica var. konradii, and its placement basal to other species of sect. Macrosporeae in our Supermatrix analysis. Hygrocybe zuluensis Boertmann is included based on morphology. Comments This subsection is often referred to as the non-staining conica group. Boertmann (2010) regards H. konradii as a buy BAY 80-6946 wide-spored variety of H. acutoconica. The ITS analysis by Dentinger et al. (unpublished), however, suggests that while there are wide-spored collections embedded in the H. acutoconica clade, there is also a well-supported sister clade to H. acutoconica comprised of H. konradii s.s. collections (100 % support for the clade, 77 % MLBS support as sister to H. acutoconica var. acutoconica). Hygrocybe noninquinans was described as H. konradii var. antillana, but it is raised here to species rank based on phylogenetic analyses

that place it apart from H. konradii. The name H. antillana was occupied, so a new name is provided. Hygrocybe noninquinans Lodge & S.A. Cantrell, nom. nov., stat. nov. MycoBank Megestrol Acetate MB804045. Replaced synonym: Hygrocybe konradii var. antillana Lodge & Cantrell, Mycol. Res. 104(7): 877–878 (2000). Type: PUERTO RICO, Mun. Río Grande, El Yunque National Forest (Caribbean National Forest), Caimitillo Trail, 16 Jun 1997, CFMR-PR 4555, CFMR. Hygrocybe [subg. Hygrocybe ] sect. Velosae Lodge, Ovrebo & Padamsee, sect. nov. MycoBank MB804047. Type species: Hygrophorus hypohaemactus Corner, Trans. Br. Mycol. Soc. 20(2): 180, Figs. 5, 6, 8a (1936) ≡ Hygrocybe hypohaemacta (Corner) Pegler & Fiard, Kew Bull. 32(2): 299 (1978).

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