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were then color MG132 coded in this subnetwork. The largest category of the genes in the sub network belongs to transport process, with a total of 22 Probesets. Among these Probesets, four form the large hubs, Cit. 11459. 1. S1 s at, Cit. 11460. 1. S1 at, Cit. 3171. 1. S1 x at, and Cit. 17561. 1. S1 s at. Given the importance of hub genes in the biological networks and overrepre sentation of transport in the subnetwork, we propose that transport process is a key component in the HLB re sponse core subnetwork. There are 13 Probesets grouped into the category of carbohydrate metabolic process and 11 Probesets that be long to the hormone response category. For the category of carbohydrate metabolic process, Cit. 13437. 1. S1 s at forms a larger hub with 11 interactions, and Cit. 17155. 1.

S1 at forms a smaller hub with seven interactions. Cit. 13437. 1. S1 s at represents a citrus gene similar Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries to Arabidopsis APL3 encoding a glucose 1 phosphate adeny lyltransferase. Cit. 17155. 1. S1 at represents a gene closely related to BGLU11 hydrolysis of O glycosyl compounds. For the hormone response category, Cit. 19674. 1. Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries S1 s at forms a larger hub with 15 interac Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries tions, and Cit. 10032. 1. S1 x at and Cit. 25840. 1. S1 s at form smaller hubs with seven and six interactions respect ively. As described above, Cit. 19674. 1. S1 s at represents a gene closely related to LOX2 encoding a lipoxygenase and exhibiting response to JA. In Arabidopsis, LOX2 has also been shown to be involved in JA biosynthesis in response to wounding and recently in disease development. As described previously, Cit.

10032. 1. S1 x at repre sents a GA responsive GAST1 homolog and is connected to the NAC096 transcription factor subnetwork in the HLB early response subnetwork. Inter estingly, Cit. 25840. Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries 1. S1 s at represents Anacetrapib a gene very similar to Arabidopsis WBC11 which encodes an ATPase coupled to transmembrane movement of substances or fatty acid transporter. This small hub is responsive to ABA and salt stress but is also involved in fatty acid transport, imply ing a potential role for hormone signaling in the control of transport process. The remaining two large hubs in the HLB response core subnetwork are formed by Cit. 12172. 1. S1 s at and Cit. 15630. 1. S1 at. Cit. 12172. 1. S1 s at represents a puta tive O methyltransferase family 2 protein most closely related to the protein encoded by At4g35160.

At4g35160 is only annotated as a general GO term methylation, selleck inhibitor and predicted to contain a winged helix turn helix tran scription repressor DNA binding domain without any functional implication. This hub includes 31 interac tions, and most of the interactions are with the Probe sets related to transport process. Cit. 15630. 1. S1 at represents a gene closest to At4g33040 which encodes a glutaredoxin family protein. It connects to a transportor hub through Cit. 17265. 1. S1 at and the two hormone response hubs through Cit. 17398. 1. S1 at. In Arabidopsis, At4g33040 encoded glutaredoxin family p

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